One Touch Solutions believe in maintaing 100% transparency with our clients, in every campaign that we undertake. Transparency is crucial in maintaining trust and a sense of perspective.

We provide various reports to the clients on daily and weekly basis.

  • Daily Call Reports

    We provide daily call reports to maintain the transparency and it help to summarize daily and monthly call activity as well as detail the actual calls made.

  • Campaign Performance Reports

    This report helps to efficiently evaluate the performance of the campaign undertaken by a company. It gives us all the information regarding the campaign from the beginning till the end.

  • Voice Recording Reports

    Voice recordings are increasingly seen as an essential call centre technology; providing an invaluable quality monitoring, agent evaluation and training tool, as well as a record of conversations for use in the case of customer disputes.

  • Agent / Team Performance Reports

    These reports also help you in pinpointing the assets and the liability factors for the company. They also tell you; who all are contributing positively for the company and who all are not.